Love Story :: Part Three

If you are just joining in you’ll probably want to start at the beginning.

Part One :: He and She Meet {HERE}

Part Two :: He and She Realize {HERE}

{He and She separate, but only by miles}

This was the hardest part.

Scott said this was probably harder on me since I had daily reminders of our time together. {The place where we first kissed. Where we went for a drive or walk.} He was excited for me to visit him where we could create new memories together.

A {Little} History

Scott and I had both been married before. Each marriage lasted about the same length of time and when we met we knew what we were looking for. Both of us spoke about our former spouses as first husband, first wife. Scott said it best, “I want to be positive about it and if I say first then hopefully there will be a second.” I had gotten to the point in my life where I was completely happy being single, had a great group of friends and was close with my family. I had also come to the realization that I would probably never get married, never have kids, and I was becoming ok with this. My life was full and rich with other things. I felt I had even gone through a grieving process when I divorced and had moved on with my life, and had not seen or spoken to my first husband in four years.

Sad news and moving forward

I found out my first husband suddenly passed away right before I was going to see Scott the first time. First I called my sister, then I called Scott and told him the sad news I had just received. I was confused as to how I could be so happy and sad at the same time. I knew he would be supportive, but what he said to me knocked me over…in a good way.

Scott: It’s perfectly normal to have those feelings, and it’s ok to be happy and sad at the same time…Do you still want to come see me?

Me: Yes.

Scott: When you get here we can talk about him as much or as little as you want. Talking about it will probably help.

It was like God was giving me permission to be happy with someone new and I took it as a sign that God was saying to me, “girl, {that’s what he calls me} go start your new life”.

The first time I went to Texas was Labor day weekend 2010. Scott was working in Dallas so I flew there and right when I got to the hotel I called a florist in California to order flowers for my first husbands family for the funeral. I had no plans on attending, but I needed to do something, for me it was like the closing of a chapter, the ending of a book.


Since Scott lives in Austin we did a bunch of driving and talked a lot that first trip. We talked about my first husband a little. I met his parents and some of his friends, saw where he lived so I could report back to my friends that he wasn’t a hoarder, and that there were no dead bodies buried in his back yard that I could see.

When I came home my sister asked if we eloped. I told her she was crazy. I liked this guy {even then I knew I loved him}, but was still getting to know him. She said it’s ok if you do. She went on to say this was the first time I spoke so confidently about someone I was dating. I told her it was all him. Scott was so supportive, and confident in who he is {still is} it’s one of the things I love the most.

What we called Dating

We didn’t date the way normal people who live near each other do. We basically had one long date each month. Either in Texas or Washington. It depended on our mainly Scott’s work schedule.

I was working part-time and had just graduated from college so I had tons of free time. Plus I job shared and was able to take time off work easily since the girl I shared with always wanted more hours. I know if we had met while I was still in school I would have said you’re nice, see you when you’re here again.

Luckily that wasn’t the case.

We talked on the phone We mailed each other little reminders that we were thinking of each other. Sent Facebook messages. Started calling each other He and She.

This lasted almost a year.

Part Four :: He and She Get Engaged {HERE}


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