Love Story :: Part Four

If you are just joining in you’ll probably want to start at the beginning.

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Part Two :: He and She Realize {HERE}

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{He and She get engaged}

Separation is for the Birds

Each time Scott and I were together for one of our ‘long dates’ there came a point where I would startle myself and realize one of us would be going home. I did this on every trip and looked forward to when we would be married and live in the same house all the time.

We talked about getting married and I knew we would get engaged, just not when. Scott asked me in January what my ring size was and even asked to see what kind of rings I might like. My birthday, Valentine’s Day, his birthday all came and went. I decided to relax and not worry about how and when, because I knew it was still coming.

California Dreaming

I lived in California until 2006 when I moved to Washington to be near my sister and her family and go back to college, and still have close friends and family there.

Scott and I got our first piece of mail addressed to both of us; a lovely invitation to a wedding in California. Scott and I made plans to meet in California for a vacation and attend the wedding while there. The traveling part was crazy. I flew into San Francisco, got a rental car and drove to San Jose to pick up Scott. We planned on spending a night in Napa, then we were off to visit my family in Sacramento followed by the wedding and staying in my hometown. We had a packed itinerary, but also made time to reconnect and relax.

Napa, California – June 9, 2011

My family history is rich in the area surrounding Napa; my paternal grandmother was born in Calistotga, she and my grandfather are buried in St. Helena, and the town of Rutherford is named after a distant relative. Scott and I spent the first day touring around, and even had time to stop at my grandmother’s favorite winery to make a special toast in her honor.

Each stop we made Scott would open the trunk of our rental car and look inside. Having never traveled with him I thought it was strange, but thought this must be what he does on a trip.

We arrived at our Bed and Breakfast with time to unpack a bit, relax and freshen up. This B&B had a sister location down the street where they had wine tasting and appetizers each evening so Scott and I made a detour and found our way there before heading to dinner. Scott made reservations at a tapas restaurant I found online, and since the weather was perfect we decided to make an evening of walking. We had to weave our way through a street fair full of colorful vendors and amazing smelling food, and made plans to stop for a sweet treat after we ate if we still had room.

At the restaurant we found ourselves seated upstairs in a loft with one other couple. Scott sat facing the window and moved our table a few inches to get a better look. Dinner was a steady stream of delicious bites and spicy red wine. Toward the end of our meal a very loud woman and a group of friends were seated at a large table near us. This woman was obnoxious {read drunk and swearing} and I was thankful we were ready to leave, because I might have gone postal on this crazy gal.

Having had our fill at dinner we decided to forgo the original plan to grab a sweet treat from the street fair and instead headed straight to our B&B. We walked hand in hand as we always do, taking about the future…

Our B&B was in a lovely old house with a front, back and side yard all gloriously manicured. I started digging in my purse for the key, and Scott noticed they had a {tiny} vineyard and suggested we take a walk though it to the back of the house. There was a large patio with chairs set up surrounding a fire pit. We wound up sitting there gazing at the stars. Again we talked about the future and then Scott got up and I thought well I guess we’re going in and again started digging in my purse for the key.

Scott had other plans. He got down on one knee said a kajillion lovely things to me, asked me to marry him. Before I could say yes he opened a ring box and said, “oh, and I got you this”. Of course I said yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Then I said, thank you, kissed him and put a gorgeous oval cut diamond ring on my finger. We hugged and cried. I jumped up and down because I was so happy.

Yes, I new a proposal was coming, but I had no idea it was happening right then. I was very surprised. Scott said he was so glad he gave the ring to me so he could relax and went on to explain that he was nervous about having the ring in the car and kept looking in the trunk all day. {That explains it} He also told me that he was planning on proposing in the restaurant until the crazy lady came in and had even moved the table so there was room for him to get down on one knee. Then he started looking for other places. In the end I love that he asked me privately.

Share the Goodness

The next morning we called our families to tell them the news, then we were off to have a visit with my family. Scott said he wanted to propose before he met my friends and family so I could show off my ring. He’s very sweet and thoughtful like that.

The rest of our trip was perfect. The wedding of my friend was a lovely outdoor affair at a winery. Scott and I had lunches, dinners and walks with some of my closest friends. I was so glad they were able to get to know Scott, even just a little bit.

A few days later we headed back to our corners of the globe.

Part Five :: He and She Say ‘I Do’ {HERE}


4 thoughts on “Love Story :: Part Four”

  1. Wendy Mathis said:

    So Sweet! We were so happy to hear of your special news and meet Scott! Your love story added a special memory to our wedding memories. XO

  2. I’m loving your love story! So glad you shared it over at the SITS girls! 🙂

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