Love Story :: Part Five

If you are just joining in you’ll probably want to start at the beginning.

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He and She Plan a Wedding

But first I had to get home – 6/14/2011

I had become a seasoned travel in a short amount of time, and airline delays were the worst part. I had dropped Scott off in San Jose then drove back to San Francisco to drop off the rental and catch my flight. I was very early, so I took my time going through security, grabbed some dinner, then a drink and part of a baseball game. I even had time to get a manicure so my hands looked great for when I got home to show off my new ring. Then came the first delay. Then a gate change. Then a second delay. Around midnight the flight was cancelled. The airline personnel were horrible. The only offer I got was to take a flight to Spokane that night or wait for another flight in the morning. No offer for a hotel was given.

I opted to take the morning flight. The whole thing was a nightmare. {I started writing the entire thing, but erased it BECAUSE it was a nightmare and there may have been swearing involved} I finally made it on the plane and the flight attendant slammed the door right behind me. I pretty much lost it once I made it to my seat. I was tired, hungry, pissed off and ready to be home.

During my flight delays Scott made his way home and was beside himself with frustration for me. He understood how tired from traveling I was and what a crappy way this was to end a otherwise perfect trip.

Let the Planning Begin

We planned 96% of our wedding on the internet and over the phone. First thing to decide on was location, location, location. We both threw out ideas including Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Austin, Tir-Cities, and Seattle. Seattle won knowing they have great public transportation for our out-of-town guests. The next task was finding a venue. We looked at museums, art galleries, and parks.  I found this company in Seattle that did boat cruises. Most of the packages were for large parties, so Scott emailed them with our requests and worked out a plan on a smaller boat for a party of 20. We knew we wanted to show up have a great time, eat, drink and be married with our friends and family.

In the midst of all the wedding plans I was also making moving plans. Everyday when I got home from work I packed and sorted and gave a bunch of stuff away. Texas is so much warmer than Washington so I knew I would not need three sets of thermals, scarves, hats and down jackets.

Getting our Ducks in a Row – August 9, 2011 {we met exactly one year ago}

Scott flew to Washington to help me with the big move. I met him in Seattle and we got our marriage license, ordered a cake, looked for flowers, met with the boat people and finalized our menu.

The next few days were full of last minute packing, picking up and filling up the U-Haul, saying goodbye to friends and family. We actually shared the U-Haul and expenses with someone else who was moving to Austin. That truck was so full I even left things behind, giving my floor lamps and exercise equipment to my neighbor and my bed to a local shelter. It was bittersweet but I was happy to get in that big van pulling my trusty car and head out onto the open road.

Road Trip

It took us four days to drive from Washington to Texas. 6:30 came early those mornings and we drove between eight and ten hours a day and stopped to sleep each night. Since our truck was so big {truck + car and trailer was almost 60 feet!} we had to watch out for low overhangs and always plan a forward escape route when stopping because there was no backing up that big ‘ol rig. Luckily we averted any disasters. By the end of day four I had cabin fever and was getting cranky, so when we arrived in Texas and it was 106 degrees I got frustrated. We got my car off the trailer, I turned on the air conditioning which worked like a dream, and I sat in there to ‘cool off’, then it hit me –  I had a dress, but I still didn’t have flowers.

The whirlwind continued as I unpacked some boxes and began settling in to what would be my new life, and then packed my suitcase to go get hitched and honeymoon in Hawaii.

Even though I am divorced I had mixed feelings about living with someone before I was married. I had made a promise to myself I would not live with a guy {unless he was a relative} until I was married. Scott and I spoke often about this, and he respected my choices. In the end we lived together for a little less then two weeks before heading off the get married. It was a compromise, but one I felt confident in while honoring that promise I made to myself so long ago.

I Think I’m Gonna Marry You

Our wedding weekend included manicures/pedicures, a dinner where my family and Scott’s family met for the first time, and Scott has a great story about finding his wedding shoes at Nordstrom’s, but that’s his story to tell. The day of the wedding there was picking flowers for my bouquet and Scott’s boutonniere at Pike’s Place, a ladies brunch/guys breakfast, and switching hotels.

Scott and I had some time to kill between leaving one hotel before we could check in to another, and I was getting anxious. I still needed to take a shower, do my makeup and fix my hair. Scott suggested I take a walk, I found myself in front of a bridal store looking at the most gorgeous pink flowers. I headed inside and bought the most lovely pink flower hair clip I could find, it was the perfect accessory, that last little touch I needed for our big day.

And They Loved Happily Ever After – 9/3/2011

Here are some of my favorite details about our wedding and evening on the ‘Destiny’, the gluten-free lemon lavender cake, the flowers purchased that morning, the music, Captain PJ who married us, our vows, the food, the gins and tonic, the Maker’s Mark, my dress, the mustache finger tattoos my sister arranged for everyone, having our friends and families with us, the sound of the water lapping the side of the boat, how Scott’s nephew called me a princess when he saw me in my dress, sailing by Bill Gates’ house, taking silly pictures with all of our guests, the champagne toast, but the best part was saying I Do to my best friend and what came after…

4 thoughts on “Love Story :: Part Five”

  1. Just read your lovely love story. Thank you. Your anniversary is nearly here! Xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

  2. I just finished your love story and am still amazed at how well everything is turning out for you. You and Scott have so much love for each other. And dispite the fact that you guys are living so far away, I am so happy for you both.

  3. Lovely and beautiful! So blessed to know you both!

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