In case you were wondering what the made-up words I use really mean.

Dooger Doo – Cute dog or really any dog. Example: Oh babe, look at the dooger doo, it’s wearing sunglasses and a sweater.

Goodnight – I try not to swear, so I say this instead. More so in speaking then in writing. It’s all about enunciation. The emphasis is on the good part, and it must be said firmly like one would say crap. Example: Goodnight, why is this fool at a dead stop in the middle of the freeway? I almost rammed into the back of him. Or: {after stubbing my toe} Goodnight!!!!

Hoodgie – I use this as my catch-all word for any word I can’t remember. I also use this word in place of hair tie. Example: I can’t find any hair hoodgies!

Pooper – See Dooger Doo. Example: That is the cutest the pooper I’ve ever seen. But why is it wearing that hoodgie?

Smish Mouth – A cat. Sometimes I shorten it to smish. Example: The neighbors must have a new smish mouth because there are smish prints all over my hoodgie.

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