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I grew up in California where we hiked, biked, fished, caught tadpoles, camped, and just all around enjoyed the good ‘ol outdoors {aside from the dirt and bugs}. I like the outdoors and even though I’m a girly girly, I love being outside. Except when it’s 106 degrees, like in the middle of summer in Texas. Then I’d rather go to a movie, or the mall, or the grocery store, or the gym.

Austin has so many lovely places to enjoy the outdoors, although most times you have to share the space with all the other Austinites who also love to be outside.

This is Mt. Bonnell. And once you’re up there the view is spectacular!

This is looking right toward the 360 Bridge.

photo 4Every time we have out-of-town visitors we make sure to bring them here. There are two ways to get to the top. One requires climbing stairs, a lot of stairs, the up side is it is shady and cooler. The second is a gradual hike up a dirt and rock path that gently takes you to the top, but in the summer it is scorching because there is no shade.

It’s a toss-up. When you come to see us, I promise I’ll let you pick.

photo 3

If you walk left from this area you are greeted with the surprise of downtown. Like the whole thing. Not a tree obscured part of it. The WHOLE thing.

And it’s absolutely amazing. Trust me.