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It’s been an exciting week in our house, and it’s only Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago I told you that Scott is working on the show Revolution which is filming in Austin.

On Sunday Scott and I went to a cast and crew screening of Revolution season 2 episode 1.

Then, yesterday I spent the afternoon at work with Scott on the set of Revolution. Somedays they film outside and other days they are at the stages. Yesterday was at the stages. The set is housed in the biggest warehouse I’ve ever seen and had so much cool stuff. I met a few stars, heard/watched a few scenes being shot, and ate lunch with the cast and crew.

I promise no spoilers about the premier or what happens next, so all I will say is this week they are filming season 2 episode 8. It usually takes between 7 and 8 days to shoot one episode.

And tonight is the season 2 premier. You can watch the extended trailer by clicking the image below.




Sneak peek in the prop room.
scott_cart That’s my sweetie getting ready to stick his hand up some shirts.
soundcart This is where all the magic happens in the sound department. scottworking

I wanted to take more pictures, but I felt like I didn’t have permission, and I learned on my first visit to a set that the cool kids don’t take pictures of the stars. I mean I wasn’t there on official business or anything. Just hanging out with my sweetie while he works.