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If you have ever eaten BBQ you know it can get pretty messy. Bummer for you if you haven’t, ’cause it’s pretty amazing you best come visit us and we’ll fix that.

When you eat BBQ at Rudy’s you can use their ‘clean hands’ station to get those messy fingers all cleaned up. It’s part of the whole eating BBQ in a gas station connivence store where your plate is a piece of butcher paper thing they have going on.

My sister and niece came for a visit in July and had their first BBQ experience. Once we filled up on meat and sides my sister pushed away the meat coma and plunged her hands right in. She needed some coaxing because she thought it was like a hot tub were everyone shared the same water, but it’s totally not.

It’s like a spa day for your hands where they get a constant gentle warm spray that leaves you feeling moisturized and sparkling clean.

photo 1Best reaction ever!
photo 2

I told her she’d love it!photo 3photo 4

Plus, when you’re all clean you get a reward sticker! photo 3

My father-in-law got christened as well. photo 5Even my mother-in-law tried it out!

Who says kids get to have all the fun!?!