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That’s what the anniversary card my sweet husband gave to me said. It’s no wonder I still have a crush on this man.

Some days I can hardly believe this is my life. It is so far from where I was before. Not only in distance but in circumstances as well.

Two years ago I was excited and terrified and so, so sad about leaving my friends and family. Leaving a life I had created for myself in Washington. A good life. I keep telling you I was kind a of a big deal, and I was.

I had dinner parties at a moments notice, crafted into the wee hours of the morning, sang karaoke, had my face on posters at my college and was recognized by everyone, entered art contests, drank wine and whiskey, and always had a friend by my side, but at the same time I was fiercely independent.

Part of me was flying on faith {I had prayed I would be right where I was heading} the other on love. Who am I kidding, mostly on love. I knew I wasn’t running away from something, but toward a new life at full speed.

Last year on our first anniversary I shared our Love Story, this year just for fun I thought I’d let you have a peek at our year in review:

  • 43 the number of nights spent apart due to travel and work
  • 12 bottles of wine drank
  • 7 the number of house torn down in our neighborhood {the most recent in our back yard}
  • 7 times Luna has been through the car wash

photo 2

  • 1 new shower curtain
  • 8 times we’ve eaten BBQ
  • New business cards ordered
  • 10 the number of times I’ve colored my hair

photo 1

  • Couples pics – there are too many to count

photo 2

  • Selfies and more selfies

photo 1

  • 228 loads of laundry

photo 4

I am blessed to have found the love of my life. Even doing little things like taking a walk or doing laundry bring me so much happiness. In truth it’s not all roses and sunshine, we’ve had our share of heartache as well, but we like to focus on the positive.

It’s been two years and aside from missing my people I’ve loved every minute of it.

Happy Anniversary my sweet!!!