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Sorry dear readers for my long absence. I really have no good excuse other than I have been focusing on other stuff like working out (eating healthy, lifting weights, walking & running), designing for my freelance business, and avoiding mosquito’s in the hotness that is Texas.

Let’s talk about the hotness. The hot here is like no other hot I have ever experienced anywhere else in my entire life, and unless you’ve been here in the summer I don’t know if you can fully appreciate it. Today was the first time in 2 months that I really fixed my hair. I mean full blow dry and everything. I have been air drying and putting it in a bun or ponytail. Just too darn hot, even with the air conditioner on and a fan in the room. Two hours later I put it up. That’s just hair. When I workout, especially outside, I’m fully drenched, even my knee caps and eyelids are dripping sweat. I must be getting used to it because this humidity and sweating is becoming normal.

And now for round two of If You Really Knew Me. If you missed the first time around you can read it {HERE}.

if you knew me

If you really knew me…

…you’d know I always have to scroll to the top of a web page before closing the page.
…you’d know I’m the world’s best sharer.
…you’d know I’m my own worst critic.
…you’d know there are several words I constantly misspell.
…you’d know my typing skills are very poor. I still look at the keyboard.
…you’d know I love traveling.
…you’d know my idea of heaven is crafts and Starbucks.
…you’d know I married my best friend.
…you’d know I haven’t finished unpacking my boxes since I moved to Austin…coming up on two years next month.
…you’d know I’m a font freak, or if you want to get technical, typeface freak.
…you’d know I hate getting in the shower. Once I’m in, I love it. Also, I hate getting out.
…you’d know I have driven the same car since the day I bought it in 1996.
…you’d know I’ve lost 30 pounds since January.

How’s your summer going?