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I bought my first real stereo when I was in high school. Not the boom box kind that John Cusack held over his head in Say Anything. {I did have a small one like that, mine was red.} No, this one was a HUGE upgrade, it had a CD player, dual cassettes, high-speed dubbing, record player, speakers that I could move around my bedroom, and the best part a remote.

Even in high school I was kind of a big deal.

My mom took me to the electronics department at Macy’s where I spent an hour looking at all the options and preparing to spend the most money I had ever thought about spending. I had been working at a B&B since I was 14 and had saved my money. This was my destiny. I was sick to my stomach.

Remember this was in the late 80’s and electronics were not what they are today. Read bag phones, and BetaMax. I mean today you can buy a DVD player for like 50 bucks, back then a VCR was maybe $200. But I loved music and wanted to be able to make my own mix tapes, so I plopped down the $515 and took my HUGE box home.

My first CD was The B 52’s, Cosmic Thing. Back then I was into Blue Oyster Cult, New Order, Biz Markee, NKOTB, Level 42, UB40, Simply Red, Ah Ha, Fine Young Cannibals, Bob Marley, I could go on but I think you get the drift, I had a wide love of music. Still do.

Most of my music I got at Tower Records. Some I got from BMG and I probably still owe them like a kidney or something. Remember them? You got 12 tapes for A PENNY. Then they owned you for LIFE. Thank God I was able to get out of that mess. Basically promising to donate my organs if I’m ever in an accident and signing over the rights to my super top-secret invention {so secret in fact I cannot even share it here with you fine folks}.

When Scott and I first started dating I lived in Washington while Scott was living in Texas. You can read all about our Love Story and how we met {HERE}. We dated long distance and found ways to connect our daily lives while being so far apart; mainly emailing, texting and Facebook messages. Music was essential too.

Scott still sings to me and makes up silly and sweet songs about everyday life like – Peein’ in the Dark, Little Black Dog, and I Love My Wife.

The first time I came to visit Scott in Texas I flew into Dallas and then we drove to Austin. So much great talk time and music listening. I remember hearing, for the first time, and Shazaming {that’s a verb, right?} the song Clementine by Sarah Jaffe, which has stuck around as a favorite for us as a couple, along with our wedding song and this one by The Lumineers.

My beloved stereo was sold in a garage sale 10 years later {for $20 bucks} but the memory of my freedom that came with it and my love for music are here to stay. In case you were wondering, my all time favorites include Dave Matthews Band and James Taylor. My new favorite music include The Decembrists, Mumford and Sons, Fun, and Macklemore.

What’s your favorite song/band?