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Always be a unicorn.Dear mom and dad, Thank you for coming to visit us. I’m sorry the warmth was on vacation. We had so much fun with you; cooking, playing games, road trips! Hope you’re settling back in at home. Give the kitties a squeeze for me. Dear blog readers, I’m sorry I have been MIA. I don’t have an excuse. I just didn’t set time aside for blogging. I’ve missed it, and YOU. Dear Luna, I know you don’t like it when it rains and you get a bit wet under the hood. But, come on already it’s been dry for two days now and you are still squeaking. Dear Street Sweeper Truck, I heard you drive by my house today. I keep forgetting the day you are coming through my neighborhood and didn’t move my car again. So leaves for everyone it is, if you need any for mulching or a craft project you can find some free of charge under my car. Dear Dena, I’m very excited for our crafting adventure on Saturday! Let’s make some cool stuff and hang it on our walls.

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Here’s a few things I found online this week for y’all:

Watermark your images with this iPhone app.

Wanna come over from brunch this weekend? I’ll make this. It looks delicious!

I love you, too, Sheldon Cooper.

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