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In college I was part of a campus club called E.V.E. {Equality.Vision.Empowerment.}. We hosted informative meetings and workshops, showed movies like Iron Jawed Angels, and put on a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues each year. If you have never seen it, it’s best live. Find it in your town, gather your girlfriends and get ready for a night of oohs, aahs, and oh my’s.

If you are really ambitious you could organize your own event. Now is the time to get started.

Poster I designed for the event in 2009.

When I saw The Vagina Monologues performed for the first time the house was packed, and the subdued chattering before the show confirmed the worry visible on the audiences’ faces.

Are you kidding me?  There are women here who are going to be talking about their vagina’s in public! OH MY!

Truth, I was one of the performers. I was going to say things out loud about women’s bodies.

My body.

I was scared, but it didn’t stop me from saying the word vagina out loud.

You should try it.

It’s empowering.

Go ahead say vagina out loud.



Seriously, this was one of the most powerful things I had ever done. I am stronger today for having done it.

During the scenes when I was not on stage I was in the audience. I loved every minute of it. I laughed, cried and felt empowered. After that night I wore a button that said ‘my vagina has a voice’ for the rest of the semester, until it fell off my backpack and got run over in the parking lot. I even wrote a poem called In Response to My Angry Vagina {you can read it HERE if you dare} that I read at open mic poetry night.

I was a performer in two seasons and four shows, one of which was held off campus at a GLBTAQ night club where we shared the stage with the drag queens who performed there.

It was amazing!

Check out Miss Gay Washington {2009 & 2010!} on the left.

Don’t worry the show is not interactive and no mandatory audience participation is required, but I guarantee you will be reacting just as I did.

Gasp. Giggle. Snort.

Hand over my mouth in a wide grin…and in the end, a sigh of relief.

Because, let’s face it ladies, it’s all true.