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Dear HD, Thank you for coming to visit us in Austin. I had a great time showing you around my new city. The best parts were hanging out in our comfy clothes, Wii and Ben and Jerry’s. Ok, the hike on Mt. Bonnell was pretty sweet too. PS. I’m sorry your return flight was such a disaster. Dear Luna, You amaze me. After 211,879 miles you are still running strong. Thanks for staying by my side and getting me wherever I want to go. Dear comedy station I started listening to on my drive to work, Besides being great company, you seem to be good clean fun. Although, I might need to stock my car with puppy pads to sit on just in case. Dear Fall TV lineup, So far we have been able to keep up with you, even when Scott was working out-of-town the last five weeks. Our favorites include: Elementary, Go On, The New Normal and Revolution.

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Here’s a few things I found online this week for y’all:

The most amazing hair curling tutorial I’ve ever seen.

This bracelet is still available on Etsy. Who wants to get me this for Christmas?

With the holiday’s coming up I thought you might like this chart to help you decide how much to serve at a party.

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