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Dear Dena, I’m so thankful you found more wedding pictures of us hiding on your external hard drive. What a great surprise! I love the ones from the reception with the frame and pink props, and the ones of Conor taking pics of us with his mom’s camera phone are adorable, but this one {up there} is my new favorite. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dear hair, this picture reminds me how much I love you long. I’m sorry I got a wild hair in my hiney and cut you all off last January. While it was fun for a while I want long hair again. Please grow faster. I promise to get a trim, take my vitamins and drink lots of water to keep you healthy along the way. Dear friends, earlier this week I wrote my most personal post where I reminded you You are Beautiful. Feel free to click here or here and grab a copy of the graphic for yourself. Print it out. Pin it. Read it everyday. Believe it. My hope for all of you is that you use your voice to lift other women other up and remind each other how wonderful and beautiful we all are. You are beautiful. Yes, you.

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Here’s a few things I collected online this week for y’all:

I found this chart when I was writing Love versus Lust it’s pretty funny.

I heard you like smish mouths.

Totally tying this, because basically I’m translucent like Edward.

This guy had me wish I was sitting on a puppy pad I was laughing so hard. How do people think of this stuff?

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