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I have been following Ruth’s blog since she was Freshly Pressed. She recently posted about Jennifer. My heart goes out to you sweet girl and I was prompted to make something for Ruth to share with her readers to remind them that they are beautiful.

I commented here, but it became so long I realized I had much more to say. You are important. This is important.

I get what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. It’s not like I came into the world and this place in my life where I feel comfortable in my own skin. I was a pimply angst driven teenager. I did not date in high school and was 25 before I was ever really kissed. It’s not that I didn’t try, it just didn’t happen. But, I’m 40 now and slowly, very slowly I have become comfortable. More comfortable in my own skin.

I want you to understand I am not some perfect perky blond telling you to cheer up buttercup, smoothing out the rough edges after someone has been so disrespectful about how you look, and you feel like you will never be able to pull it back together so you run hiding tears steaming down your face into the bathroom stall at some trendy night club she has dragged you to. No, I am not that girl. I am a size 18. Sometimes my jeans are too tight. Sometimes my mascara melts on my oily skin and gives me raccoon eyes. Sometimes I spill things on my shirt. Sometimes my sunglasses leave marks on my cheeks. Sometimes I’m awkward and I say weird things I shouldn’t out loud. Sometimes I eat french fries. And, sometimes I compare myself to other people. But most of the time I feel good in my own skin.

I may not be the most gorgeous person if you compare me to someone else. I crop my pictures, untag myself from unflattering pictures on Facebook. Work the angles, and suck it in. Only then because I have compared myself to someone who is not me.

You are beautiful, Yes, you.

You are beautiful. Believe it. Embrace it.

It has taken me years to get to this place. The place where I look in the mirror and not criticize every flaw. Am I critical of myself? Absolutely. Do I struggle with it everyday? Most certainly. After all we are our own worst critics. God loves you and thinks you are beautiful. You need to believe it too.

If I compare myself to others, or really what I think others think I think I should look like I would be miserable. Not to mention I would be exhausted. It takes a lot of work to be that hard on yourself. I choose to focus on the lovely and wonderful things about myself.


Slowly, I became who I am. I am still becoming. It’s a process people. It’s not like you tell yourself, I’m beautiful and {queue Fairy God Mother} poof! There you are totally and changed inside and out. It’s a process.

So much of our beauty is internal. You know that self talk when we compare our looks, job, home to others. When we silently curse the way we look in the mirror. It comes out on the outside. When we have confidence it shows in the way we carry ourselves. The confidence we have in our bodies. The faith we have in our hearts.

Yes, I am married and absolutely it makes life more amazing. I would be lying to you if I left that part out. The part where I am so lucky to have a wonderful man in my life who tells me I’m beautiful. But here’s the thing. If I did not already believe it about myself, believe it in my heart, then when this lovely man who adores me tells me I’m beautiful. I would not believe it.

It’s a process and it is slow.

You are beautiful. Yes, even you.

Changes takes time. Evil thoughts and Satan start to creep in. Keep pushing them out. Tell them they are not welcome here.

I have to do it everyday. If not, I might not ever get out of bed. That’s another story about something else all together that I’m not ready to share right now, but if I didn’t believe I am beautiful at least most days and had to deal with that too, then this, this thing I’m not ready to share would be that much harder.

My life is not perfect. I am not prefect, but I am beautiful.

And you are too.

You are beautiful.

Yes, you!