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A big warm welcome to all my first time visitors! Thank you for hopping over from SITS.

Today I’m the SITS Girls featured blogger! I’m so excited to be a SITS Girl and part of the SITStahood! Plus, I’m looking forward to making new friends and expanding my blogging community.

For my regular readers let me explain, SITS is a group of 40,000 women bloggers who support each other by leaving comments and by helping each blogger create her own blogging community. Their site has giveaways, blogging tips, and celebrates a featured blogger each weekday {today it’s ME!} If you are a WordPress user you’ll understand when I say it’s like being Freshly Pressed. Y’all can sign up to be a featured blogger on The SITS Girls, just click {HERE}, plus it’s FREE.

A little about me. I’m a California girl at heart, but moved to Washington state where I went back to college {Go Cougs!} as an older student. Luckily I blended right in and few suspected I was in my mid thirties. If you want to know more about that crazy ride, just ask. In 2011 I got married and moved to Austin, Texas. You can read all about our Love Story {HERE}. I’m still adjusting to life in the big city, but I love it! I also do freelance graphic design, take a peek at my online portfolio {HERE}. If you are looking for a new blog header or social media buttons, I’m your girl. Send me an email at sheila dot streetman at gmail dot com, and let’s chat.

A little about my blog. It started out as a school project {I removed the most boring and this only applies to a specific class blog posts}, now I blog about whatever comes to mind design, art, movies, food, and I try to post two times a week. I use {curly braces} instead of (parenthesis), take my own pictures, make my own graphics and have my own way of saying things {a bloglossary is in the works}. Here are two of my most loved posts.

Take a look around and if you like what you see you can follow my blog, there is a tool on the top of my sidebar. I’m excited to meet everyone who stops by and will respond to all your comments, although it will probably take me a few days.

And to keep up with what else I’m doing follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and join the fun with me on Instagram @heysheila.

Bonus: here’s cool some stuff I found online for y’all, enjoy.

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