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Dear Austin Film Festival,
I’m so excited to get to know you over the next few days. I have my schedule printed out and synced to my calendar, so I’m ready. Do me good and let the lines be smooth and the stars be plentiful.

Dear Fall,
Thank you for making an appearance in Austin. I was getting a bit sick of the sunshine you usually send our way, the rain this week was a welcomed change.

Dear HuluPlus,
Thank you for keeping me in check, and for tracking all the shows I watch and for removing them from my queue. Without you I might needlessly re-watch a few.

Dear Verizon,
I know I am not under a contract anymore, but that does not mean I NEED to upgrade and sign a new two-year agreement with you. Let it go.

Dear Arbor Car Wash,
Thank you for making Luna so clean and sparkly yesterday, plus she isn’t squeaking anymore.

Dear Starbucks,
Your Pumpkin Spice Lattes are so addicting, methinks they contain a wee spot of crack…?

Dear Target,
I know you are the business of making money, but please wait until I have my Halloween decorations up before you show me all the new Christmas stuff.

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