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Whenever I travel I rent/download movies on my iPad so I can watch them on the flights and layovers. The last trip I took I was on a documentary kick, plus I had a three-hour delay, so that was a whole movie right there.

Here’s what I watched:

The Parking Lot Movie

This revolves around a corner parking lot and the attendants who work there. It is situated near a college, and is at the back of restaurants and bars. These guys put up with a lot. It was funny, thoughtful, and shows another side of the service industry.

Craigslist Joe

Just watch it. It will renew your faith in people’s generosity and selflessness.

{I found the full-length movie for y’all on YouTube!}

Jiro dreams of sushi

I was so hungry as the film unfolded on my tiny screen. Made me think about the art of sushi in a whole new way.


All about masculinity and grooming. A few familiar faces you will see include: the Old Spice guy, Paul Rudd, Morgan Spurlock, and Zack Galifhowdoyouspellhislastnakis. Plus I learned everything I ever wanted to know about Movember, and manscaping.

Have you seen any documentaries recently? What are your favorites?