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Hello all, I’m in Washington for a much-needed family visit. My niece is celebrating her 9th birthday tomorrow and there is a buzz of fun all around us.

She’s a lucky chick and has been opening presents everyday from her grandparents.

Today my sister and I went to WSU for Diversity Day. We had lunch and I got to catch up with a few friends while there. We stopped at one of my favorite coffee places on the way home where I found out I had a free coffee coming my way.

What a sweet surprise! Mocha’s for everyone!

Now on to real reason for this post.

My sister and brother-in-law live on a street where the neighbors have become a  network of support. It’s not very often in this day and age where a sense of community is alive and well. We are so busy hustling to the next thing and often don’t see the people around us. Or take the time to get to even know who lives next door.

One neighbor, Mike, was recently diagnosed with cancer.

He is married, has children, loves to garden, and has an infectious personality.

Yesterday he had a port put in his chest for radiation, and then got his head shaved.

Today my brother-in-law did too.