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Whenever I get sick I throw up.

It’s been this way since I was a little girl. I don’t have a sensitive stomach or anything, I just hurl when I’m sick. Basically I start ralphing and wait to see if I need to go to the Dr. depending on my symptoms.

Allergy attack? Vomit. Headache? Throw up. Sinus infection? Barf. Common Cold? Puke.

I mean I’m so good at vomiting I would make a really good anorexic. All I have to do is lean over the porcelain god and open wide. I get nothing out of it except relief, but not in the way that makes me want to keep doing it.

Sometimes even stress will do it to me. When I was in college I threw up for days in a row…and no it wasn’t from a hangover…well, maybe a few times, but not always. Finals were really hard for me.

I go through phases where I puke for a few days, then I’m all done for months. So even when I think I’m not stressed out, and I start puking and no other symptoms show up, I know I really am.

One time I was working at a restaurant and was feeling a bit under the weather. I made it through the first hour of my shift then hurled in the trash can in front of the dishwasher. Poor guy was more embarrassed than me. I went home, and a few days later went to the hospital. I was so weak and dehydrated. Found out I had the flu.

My husband has witnessed my hurling. I basically puked my way from Washington to Texas {not in the moving van, just at a few stops}. At New Year’s he’s the one who realized I wasn’t just hung over from too much wine, but really sick and found out I had a sinus infection.

People close to me know about my specialness. It’s not debilitating, but writing about, I kinda sound like a sickie. I’m not a weakling. I’m not a ‘Nervous Nelly’ either. And I’m actually really good in social situations.

I’m a trooper. I just hurl a lot.