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I’m embarrassed how excited I get by new TV shows.

I haven’t had cable in years, we have rabbit ears {yay for PBS} and there is always Hulu for the rest. Truth: my Hulu has 501 things in the queue. So that’ll take us about 37 years to watch everything. Plus new stuff gets added all the time.

Here’s the thing about TV in Texas. Primetime is 7-10.

What? you say. Yeah, you heard me right, I said 7-10.

I lived on the West Coast until a year ago, where Primetime was 8-11, and it still takes my by surprise that TV shows start at 7. I get it, the whole time difference thing, just still feels weird.

Here are the shows I’m looking forward to returning and the {new} ones I want to try out.

The Amazing Race
The Good Wife
666 Park Avenue {new} Not sure about this one, it looks pretty scary.

How I Met Your Mother
Partners {new}
Revolution {new}

Go On {new}
The New Normal {new}
Vegas {new}
The New Girl
The Mindy Project {new}
Emily Owens M.D. {new}

I would include Parenthood, but I haven’t watched all the seasons so I’m not up to date. Hopefully they will be on Hulu.

Law & Order:SVU
Nashville {new}

Last Resort {new}
Big Bang Theory
Grey’s Anatomy
Elementary {new}

Shark Tank
Made in Jersey {new}

I know this looks like a lot of TV watching, but I watch stuff on my iPad while getting ready for the day and sometimes it’s in the background while I’m blogging and being social networky. Plus many of the shows overlap so there’s Hulu for that too.

What shows are you looking forward to watching this fall?

In case you need help deciding what to watch I have included a couple of links to the TV Guide schedules to help you out.

Shows by day of the week

Fall Premier calendar