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When I moved to Austin I knew Scott and I would be sharing closet as well as sharing a new life.

Since we have limited hanging space I only have the in-season items hanging. The rest is in storage. I have a few sweaters and jackets in the guest room closet, but here in Austin the summers are HOT, so not much need for those. Besides when you don’t have a Carrie Bradshaw closet you have to be creative.

I started by going to Ikea where I purchased a few organizing items:

  • 4 black baskets
  • 1 hanging organizer
  • 1 set of ‘drawers’
  • 1 large covered container
  • 2 medium covered containers
  • 2 sets of white containers (the two smallest I use for toiletries and are not shown)

I started by taking everything out and off the shelves with the exception of the jar of coins, because that sucker is heavy, and even did a bit of cleaning while it was empty. Next I attacked the towels and sheets. The towels that get used the most were put on the lowest shelf {we are shorties} the black basket holds hand towels, the white one is for wash clothes. The top shelf has sheets in the middle basket and the other covered boxes house some rarely worn items. The basket on the bottom right was left in its original location and is for dirty clothes.

Next I hung the hanging organizer on the middle of the rod. This is used for my undergarments, socks, my small purses, and seasonal items like bathing suit, hats, or sweaters. Then I hung up all our clothes {mine are on the left, Scott on the right} with the longest toward the center where there is the most room. I used two of the black baskets on the bottom, the one on the left is for workout gear, the other is for dirty ‘special care’ or hand-wash items.

I also have a wire shoe rack that I already had which the rest of the white containers and one covered container live. They hold T-Shirts, tank tops, belts, and other accessories like scarves.

Our closet is pretty deep, Scott has his boots in the back, the rest of our shoes are on a shoe rack to the right of the closet (not pictured). Also, there are no doors, but we do have white curtains to pull closed and hide everything.

Seriously, ya’ll this is one of the few places that stay organized. When laundry gets done we just put it in its place.

What are some tricks you have for sharing a small closet?