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Warning if you haven’t caught up with your DVR don’t read because this post contains spoilers!!!

I just finished writing and publishing our {Love Story} so if you don’t want to read a recap of The Bachelorette I suggest you head on over there.

I haven’t watched every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette but when I do I watch the entire thing.

Last season on The Bachelor I spent most of the show telling Ben to not pick Courtney and the other half yelling at Courtney to stop being such a poop {I got the rose, Winning!}. I know Ben and Courtney couldn’t really hear me, but it’s how I like to get involved. In the end he picked her {I still thinks he is crazy for not picking Lindzi} and really if Courtney was a confident as she said she was she wouldn’t have treated the other girls the way she did. Just my two cents, plus they ended up breaking up before the final show aired so, like I said, don’t pick her.

I haven’t watched Bachelor Pad but I suspect it’s a train wreck of awesomeness. One of those things you keep watching and you say to yourself, why am I watching this, turn it off, but you can’t because its terrible and awesome at the same time, then something else crazy happens and your eyes are glued and there is no going back.

This season on The Bachelorette I was hoping Emily would be able to find love. As one lady I spoke with at work today said, “I was worried about her for two years, and I don’t even know her”. That’s the power of TV and social media right here folks. I was on team Jef from the beginning; he was a little quirky and seemed sweet, while being honest and down to earth. I kept yelling at Emily, hoping she would see past Ryan’s dreamy looks, although the more they showed of him the less good-looking he was. Luckily she heard me stuck to her guns and didn’t let him bully her into giving him the rose.

I think Emily did the right thing when it came to the over night dates and loved that Jef basically said what she was going to say in regards to them spending the night together {they didn’t, good for them}. I’m glad she let Jef meet little Ricki. And when she sent Arie home in that train wreck of a last date, much like what happened with Sean the week before, you could see how hard it was on her.

We were at a friend’s house watching last night and were talking about how fast the show actually is {from meeting to engagement}, and about how true vs. scripted it all really is. Can two people really fall in love that quickly? I know for me that if Scott proposed after knowing me for a few weeks I would have said yes. I was that sure. Like the saying goes, when you know, you know.

In the end Emily and Jef got engaged. I hope this one sticks {like Trista and Ryan} and these two cuties are as happy as Scott and I are.