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This is probably just another ordinary day for you, my faithful readers. Not for me, today is my big sisters BIRTHDAY! And since I can’t be with her to celebrate in Washington I dedicate this day to her.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Once there was a little girl named Heather. She was the apple of her parents eye. Little did she know at the age of 3 and a half her world would be interrupted by a new baby {that was me}. The next few years were spent in matching outfits that our mom hand-made for us, while the two of us caused a ruckus in the back seat of our white Dodge Dart during regular road trips.

Our dad was surrounded by girls and had to stop often for pee-pee breaks {still does, that never goes away}.

My sister and I shared toys, clothes, {a few} friends, a love for Little House on The Prairie, but most of all friendship. We grew up with so much JOY for life we could have filled a hot air balloon just by standing inside and giggling.

Photographic Evidence

My mom made me a scrapbook for Christmas a few years ago, so glad I have access to all this loveliness.

How is it that we share so much {eyes, nose, love for life, family and God} and yet are so vastly different?

We were good sharers. Still are.

We even dressed alike when we washed the car {there’s the Dodge Dart}. The picture on the bottom right is my mom with her two girls. Isn’t she adorable?

One year we were in a parade; my sister {right} was Mary, a friend {center} was Laura, and I {left} was Carrie.
I told you we liked Little House on The Prairie.

Sister love all around. Sportin’ our Dorothy Hamil haircuts with Ronald McDonald!

This picture was taken in Lodi, CA on one of our ‘road trips’.

Too cute for words! Right?

Happy Birthday to you my big sissy!

This is a recent picture of the two of us. See, not much has changed since I came into her life in 1972. We’re still laughing, and loving just not in matching clothes.

Cheers to you Heather, my sister, my friend. I wish you love, peace and happiness on your special day!