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I was reading Karen E. Greens blog this morning were she posted Things (people, places) I love in 400 words….

Here’s mine:

My husband’s sweet song he sings as I wake up, “Good morning, good morning. It’s a good morning”. And, how he turns everyday conversations into lyrics, and sings them over and over. Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Hugs. Kisses. Dancing in the kitchen. Water; for hydration and play. Fake words I make up like smish mouth {cats}, doogerdoo {dogs}, and hoodgie {anything I can’t remember the name for until I remember the real name}. Flip flops. Go Cougs! Starbucks and their iced sweet caffeination in a cup. Instagram! All things social networky. When I see a project on Pinterest and then I make it, and it turns out {amazing}. Office supplies. Blank notebooks. Reading old notebooks filled with ramblings. Iced tea. Sharpies. I’m crafty. Unplanned adventures. The way my niece remembers how I got scared when I was 8 when I went to see Star Wars in the theater and my mom and I had to leave. That I am a girly girl, who loves hair color, painted fingernails and toenails, jewelry {bracelets!}, fashion, hair fixing, and moisturizer. Photoshop. Illustrator. Adobe Kuler. My Smarty phone, iMac, and iPad. Cool morning walks. My suitcase. Getting bumped to first class and drinking my weight in Bloody Mary’s. Gluten free bagels and cream cheese. Anything sweet, or chocolate. Cheese. All the Tom Douglas restaurants. Movies that make me laugh. Movies that make me cry. Writing, poetry, and words. Happy Hour. Road trips. Riding in the car with the window down on that first spring day where it’s {almost} too cold. BACON! Forgotten and found thumb drives with projects and papers and you think this stuff is spectacular. Then that feeling you get when you realize that stuff is yours, “oh, that’s me, I AM AMAZEBALLS”! Ben and Jerry’s Crème Brulee ice cream. Travel. Farmers markets, and Farm to Table dining experiences. Chips and Salsa. Dirty Martinis. That I am happy or super happy. Designing invitations for friends and family. Finding new humor and design blogs. The idea of leftovers, but not the actual leftovers. Impromptu parties. My friends. Organizing and reorganizing. Team spirit. That moment when you are trying on clothes in your favorite store and every.single.item.fits. Dublin, Dr. Pepper. Kitchen utensils. True BBQ. Games on my phone and board games. The ‘Free Hugs’ movement. Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Seattle, Austin, and San Francisco. My family. His family. My love. Saying “I do”.

What’s on your list? Make your own and share a link in the comments so I can check it out.