I love color! I love it for our house, my clothes, even food (You know the saying “eat all the colors of the rainbow for heath“). Color reminds me of painting with Bob Ross and how he would call the colors happy, and paint happy little trees and clouds. I don’t think there is any color happier than yellow. My signature color is pink (I took my lessons from Elle Woods), but I still think yellow is happiest.

I blogged before about my friend Krista‘s photography. Here she is again with a lovely yellow poppy. I bought another print of hers recently. It has soft colors and looks very romantic, plus she made it as a twin to the other large print I already have in my collection. I can’t wait to frame it up and find its new home on my living room wall.

Images: Left {HoneyPieDesign}. Top center {Premier Fabrics}. Bottom Center {Cubicle Refugee}. Right {March Poppy by Krista Glavich}.