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Jenny Lawson aka TheBloggess had a stop in Austin for her new book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir). So, naturally I had to go. I was thinking about how I found her, and it all started after I stumbled upon her from the site that designed her blog. So I guess it was my love for design that brought us together.

Hamlet von Schnitzel

Scott and I got there about 30 minutes early and I was able to pull up a stool so I could get a good view. All the seats were either taken or being saved.

She’s kind of a big deal. Her book debuted #1 on the New York Times.

Plus, she’s from Texas Ya’ll!

I had a great view of Jenny. Also, up front on the left is Victor and her partner in crime Laura.

Jenny was resplendent! She looked absolutely gorgeous (I mean really hot and not just because there were so many folks at Book People that the a/c was having a hard time keeping up) and was humble and just so stinking funny.

After reading an excerpt from her book and schooling us on the proper use of laxatives she told us that she is allergic to rabbits feet, but not rabbit scrotum. Evidence in those brown fuzzy things on her necklace.

Jenny wearing rabbit scrotum. Similar to Wil Wheaton collating papers.

Jenny had some time for Q and A before signing all the books. She answered questions about blogging, commenting, cussing (she said her first blog post on thebloggess.com was one word…fuck), Nathan Fillion (Jenny calls him Nater Tater), her CNN interview and the use of Lady Garden, oh and her next taxidermist animal will either be Harry Otter or Ron Weasley.

I pre ordered her book for my iPad and already had this…

I was one of the lucky ones who received 'the invisible book-plate'. Jenny told me how to get a new one. This is the replacement.

I didn’t get to meet Jenny Lawson, but I’m so glad I went. Thanks Jenny Lawson for a great night. Especially for being brave, and making us laugh our butts off!