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Spring is here!

We have officially switched our heat/air setting to ‘Cool’.

Truth is it never really left Austin…sorry my PNW peeps.

Please come visit anytime. Psst…I saw that Southwest is having a $69 special.

Until you get here for a visit I took a few photos from our neighborhood to tide you over.

This little guy knew I was taking his picture and stopped to pose for me.

Love this tree across the street from our house.

neighborhood walk

Austin in the spring.

We met up with a friend for lunch and on the drive home I saw that a branch from this tree had fallen. It is/was my favorite tree in the neighborhood. It covered two houses and the street with cool shade.

Now I’m not an arborist or anything, but it would be a safe bet to say that this tree cracked because Austin is in a ‘extreme drought’.

One time I was working in San Andreas, CA. We had had a dry winter. I heard this loud crack, and then crash. I went outside to check out the situation. I’m like Mrs. Kravits from Bewitched. Only in this case I had to go out. A huge tree branch had fallen from a neighbor’s yard into our parking lot landing right behind one of our clients car, blocking her in. I went in to let her know what had happened and then went to the neighbor’s house.

Knock, knock, knock…

Young guy comes to the door, no shirt, ripped tanned abs, board shorts, and holding the collar of a HUGE barking dog. Clearly I had woken both from their afternoon siesta.

Shirtless guy: (Clears throat) Yeah…What is it (rubbing his eyes)?

Me: Um, yeah your tree just cracked in half and it looks like it’s ripping a bunch of wires out of that pole (pointing to the pole). It also knocked over the mailboxes (we shared those) and…it looks like your fence is down.

Shirtless guy: (Long pause…shakes his head) Well, if it ain’t one thing it’s anotha!

Me: Well, ok then. Bye (as I hightail it outta there).

I’m not sure what I expected this guy to do, but at the time I thought it was the neighborly thing to at least give the guy a heads up about his fence.  I walked back around the corner to work and our client was assessing the situation with her car. She was a trooper and said it was no biggie. There was no damage just that she was blocked in. She basically 5-point turned her car right out of there, and I went back to work. A few days later the tree was gone, the mailboxes were repaired and the fence was back up.

Hopefully the tree in our yard doesn’t crack.

But if it does, please miss my car.

And the house.