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I said I would share my favorite iPad games, so here they are. In no particular order of course.

1. Angry Birds (Original, Rio, Seasons, and Space)

Price: free – $4.99

Angry Birds is probably the most well-known game for the iPad, iPhone, and Android phone. I first had the app on my Android phone. Instead of reading I turned to my favorite birds…some nights I would play until my eyes were burning. When I got iPad this is one of the first games I downloaded. I have some free versions while others are paid.

The basics of this game include catapulting birds at pigs who are strategically placed on bricks and cement structures. The object is to kill the pigs while trying to get the highest score and 3 stars. There are bonus levels and golden eggs to keep it exciting.

These little birds sure are addicting!

2. Draw Something

Price: free-$0.99 (on sale)

I downloaded the free version to try it out, and quickly upgraded to the paid version, plus it was on sale.

Who doesn’t love a sale?

You can play with your friends by searching for their user name (mine is heysheila if you wan to play with me) or a random player. You can even play with your Facebook profile. In this game you start with a choice of 3 words, each with a corresponding number of coins you can earn, to draw for another player. The more coins the word is worth the harder it is. You have bombs to change the words if you do not like the choices, additionally may also use the bombs to blow-up some of the letters that are not in the word you are guessing. You then draw your word and try to get the other player to guess what you drew from the letters provided. If they guess correctly you earn the coins, and it is your turn to guess their drawing. The turns keep going back and forth until one of the players is unable to guess correctly. The game can continue, but you start over at turn 1.

This game starts with basic colors, you can purchase more colors with the coins you earn. This helps when drawing things like water, tree, and grass.

So far my longest streak is 50 words.

3. Cat Physics

Price: $0.99

The object is to get a ball from one cat to the other, while avoiding, and sometimes using walls and other obstacles. Each level has tools for you to use. For example directional arrows, platforms, and levers. Some of the items are stationary. The arrows are movable. To play you use the tools to make the shortest path so you can earn the highest score and 3 stars. I like the strategy..and the kitties.

Still trying to get 3 stars on this one.

4. Jewel Solitaire

Price: free

This game is a Spigo.com iPad version. There are 10 levels where you play solitaire. The object of the game is to earn turns that you play in a bejeweled type bonus game. When playing and you get to the end it just circles back to the beginning and any turns you have earned are kept. Play can go on and on, although I don’t usually make it that far.

This level looks like flowers.

5. Tiny Towers

Price: free

I had downloaded this game when my parents were visiting Austin for the first time. My mom and I had a whole mess of fun building floors and as she put it ‘playing God’ to the bitizens who live there. You earn coins and bucks by doing tasks (my favorite was The Dude Abides where you had to get a specific number of root beers, and games of bowling), selling and stocking floors. You build new floors with the coins you earn like residential, retail and food. You assign the bitizens a job and help keep them happy. There is a BitBook, like Facebook where the bitizens are free to speak their minds. Basically you are the ruler of these little people who live under your totalitarian regime.

When I went to Washington to visit my family in January I took my iPad, my mom resumed the role of leader and then later relinquished it when I came back home.

The stars mean someone has their dream job.

6. Casey’s Contraptions

Price: $2.99

This is a Rube Goldberg that you design with the props given. The goal is different on each level. Sometimes you have to get a ball in a basket, others you have to pop multiple balloons. I have not used the feature where you can build your own levels and share with your friends. I like the strategy with this one totally worth the price.

It can be challenging.

7. Words with Friends (HD)

Price: free-$2.99

I have the free version on my Android phone and the paid version on my iPad. The best part is they sync perfectly. The basics of this game is Scrabble, except the board is set up a bit different.  You create a game with a random person, or search for them with their user name (I’m heysheila). Then you take turns just like when playing Scrabble at home. If a word you play is not really a word the game tells you. You just return your tiles to your rack and think up a new word to play. Tiles are automatically drawn for you at the end of each turn and the person with the highest score when someone plays their last tile wins.

Looks like I'm ahead.

8. Scramble with Friends

Price: free-$1.99

This fast paced game is my husbands favorite. It reminds me of Boggle I used to play when I was a kid. This games uses a partner either random or again search for your friends user name (I’m heysheila…see a pattern here). You have coins that you earn over time and use them to play each round, plus you can use them to get extra power-ups. Once you have a game going you are asked to pick a free power-up, you have the option of using your coins to use more. Then your round starts and you have two minutes to make as many words as you can. Letters need to touch and you can swipe up, down, back, forth, diagonal to make a word.

If you have a power-up you can use it at any time during the game. Power-ups include freeze where you get a few extra seconds for the round, inspiration (this one’s my favorite) where the game shows you a word you get 3 of these per game, sometimes you get ‘questing’ others you get ‘ma’, the final choice is scramble where the board gets flipped around while the letters remain where they were, you get 3 of these per round.

You play three rounds with your opponent and the winner is the one with the combined highest total.

Two minutes to make as many words as you can.

9. iBlast Moki 2

Price: $4.99

If Angry Birds and Cat Physics had a love child this would be it.

In this game you are trying to get the ‘Mokis’ to the portal so they can go home. Each level has different items (bombs) you can use to reach that goal. So far I have seen regular bombs, sticky blobs, and blobs that make the Mokis go fast. There are many different levels with great graphics. Plus there is a feature where you can build your own level and share with friends. It might seem expensive, I think it was worth it.

Love the bright colors.

10. Where’s my Water?

Price: free-$0.99

This is similar to the arcade game Dig Dug. I think my family had it on Colecovision, although it might have been Atari.

Anyway, Where’s my Water is a game where you are trying to get Swampy his water so he can take a shower. You create tunnels and use levers, sprayers, balloons…etc. to get the water to him. There are levels with sludge that are toxic where water can become contaminated. Some levels have a secret treasure, you know this by a ? next to the 3 ducks at the top of the screen. By getting all the treasure in a level you unlock achievements and a bonus round. The goal is to get 3 ducks and the water to Swampy.

It’s quite addicting. Just waiting for new levels here.

Where's my water? Where's, where's my water?

Truth is I love games…almost more than reading.

What are your favorite games?

*All photos are screen shots from my iPad. 
**Many of the games shown have features that cost additional money. I choose not to.