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**Disclaimer: I might be a tad bit late in getting this post up, but better late than never.

In January when I read an article which said I could get FREE Facebook Business Cards from Moo.com, I was intrigued.

I followed these instructions from the article:

To get the offer, first click on “About” under your basic info on your Timeline. Then scroll down to “Contact Info” and roll over the little business card icon — you should see a rollover box that will direct you to MOO. In order to take advantage of the offer, Facebook users will need to have enabled Timeline.

I had already enabled my Facebook Timeline, so I was good to go. I followed the link and got a message saying they (Moo) had reached their daily limit of free cards. Boo.

The next day…and earlier then the day before…

Again I followed the link and realized my cards would be made with as many cover photos as I had uploaded (up to 50) which I had 1. I went back to Facebook where I began adding photos to my cover photos. One after the other until I had a few that I liked and wanted to share with the world.

Pro tip: Later I went back to my timeline and hid the posts in which I changed my timeline photo eleventy billion times to clean it up a bit.

Moo walked me through the process where I could select which cover photos I wanted on my cards and delete the ones I had changed my mind on. Your profile pic stays the same on all cards.

Next up my contact information. It pulled my info from my Facebook about page. I was happy with what was there. On the front it shows my college, and city and state where I live. On the back it has my Facebook personalized URL my phone number, my email address and I added my Twitter account on the same line as my phone number. The back was easily customizable as my phone number and email I wanted on my cards were different then what is on my Facebook info. I finished up by adding a favorite quote and I was on my way.

I finished up the process by adding my shipping address and other contact info. I did not have to pay shipping, but I did have to choose the FREE SHIP option. I did not have to enter any payment info, which I was very happy about.

I received my cards in the mail about a week later.

Cute packaging.

Some cards are classy, some whimsical, and others are silly. That way I can pick and choose which card to give.

Six of my Facebook Cards

Close up of Facebook Cards

Back of card

The only thing I would have changed is the addition of my online website portfolio that showcases my design work.

Having made myself beautiful business cards last summer, then immediately moving and changing my name I am disappointed that I am unable to use them, and have not re-made them to reflect my new information. I love having these cards even though they do not show my design capabilities. When I hand them out to new clients and friends I get a positive response. The best part, aside from FREE, is all my contact info is current and correct so my new clients can easily get in touch with me.

My friend Dena loved my cards. I showed her how to get her own. She went through the same uploading cover photos process, in the end the only difference was she did have to pay shipping, but it was only $5.95 for 50 cards.