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So, I’m sitting in church this morning on Mother’s Day with my family and my friend Dena. The current series is called “The Vow”.

Ok. He’s gonna talk about marriage. Got it.

Dena and I are sitting there. Both single…and divorced.

Pastor Mark: raise your hand if your single.

Me: hand raised.

Dena: hand raised.

Everyone else: hands down.

Ouch. Thanks for pointing out that we’re the only two single people in the room.

And {Oh Horrors!} Divorced.

I pull myself together and open my ears and heart.

He says the actual message is relevant to married people as well as those who wish to be married in the future.

Me, that’s me.

I’m listening, because I want to and will have a great marriage.

He says some words, and then some more words.

I heard them all.

Then he asks us to bow our heads to pray.  And he prays for those who are married and asks those who are married to make a commitment and raise their hands if they are going to make God first and their spouse second.

Me: eyes closed. Hand down.

Then he says something about the other people to make a commitment and raise their hands.

Me: hand down.

In the middle of the prayer he says things like: Ok. You. And you…Yes, you… And you.

Me: …

I have no idea what just happened.

Was I supposed to raise my hand?

Was he looking at me?

I’m hungry.

I have this streaming conversation in my head: Father God you know what is in my heart and even if I didn’t raise my hand you know that I have a relationship with you…But aren’t I supposed to make a public declaration that I choose him as my Lord and Savior?  Now I’m really hungry {and the growling in my stomach is letting everyone else in the room know too}. Well, I did that when I got baptized. And what was I supposed to raise my hand for again…??

Pastor: Amen.  See you next week.

I’m confused 😦 Blahhhhhhh!

Dena and I go out to lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day where we sit outside and then it rains on us, so we get moved inside and by this time her 4 year old is in Cr@zY mode.

We try to eat fast, but the Cr@zY mode is happening and we end up taking our food to go.

On the drive home we’re talking about the sermon and Dena says she had no idea if she was supposed to raise her hand during the closing prayer or not.

Me: me neither.

Dena: yeah, I know. I peeked.

Me: …

I smile.

Then I tell her all the things that were running through my head.

And we both laugh.


Thank God for understanding friends. Friends that totally get me.

And leftovers.