Over the last year, I have purchased a variety of prints from my friend Krista’s Etsy site.  Most I have ordered for gifts for friends and family. Every time I open one of her packages I get this feeling of exhilaration and I want to keep all the prints for myself.

Alas, I do not.  I frame them usually with a mat, sometimes in a floating glass frame with no matting. Then I wrap them up so I can give them away.

Isn’t this GORGEOUS!

I actually have this print hanging in my bedroom in a floating glass frame.

She takes pictures from around my hometown in California and then she prints them (in practically any size you want) on this metallic paper she gets from Kodak.  Her photography is simple yet breathtaking and this special paper makes them glisten…even when in a glass frame.

She is uber talented, and yet humble.  Check her out on Etsy, and Facebook and tell her Sheila sent you.