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This my first time pledging/writing for Ada Lovelace day.  What a great way to honor women who have contributed to making my tech world a better place.

After writing my post I called Raise Your Hand if You LOVE Math, Science and Technology, I continued to think about women in the science/technology field. I think it is important to encourage women who are interested these subjects and am excited and proud of those who excel in their field.

So, when given the assignment/extra credit to blog about women in the technology field, I said “Yay!”

I am all for promoting a good thing.

I did some research and choose to focus on Leah Culver.

Really, I don’t know her, but I think she ROCKS!

I first read about her on the Girls in Tech website.  Specifically in regards to the Catalyst Conference for 2010 (which was in January…bummer ’cause the agenda looks packed full of great info.  Leah was a speaker in the category Curious About Coding & Developing: Developing Creativity & Building a Business).

So Leah co-founded the company Pownce, which was purchased (or merged with, still not sure of this one) by another company Six Apart.

*Side note Six Apart is hiring! I checked it out, plus I love the Bay Area, and am a California native so I was really drawn to this company.


A bit more about Leah.

Quoting from her profile on the Girls in Tech website:

Now a software engineer at Six Apart, Leah uses her experience with Pownce to develop large scale social applications for future Six Apart projects. While creating the Pownce API she co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications and now maintains the popular Python OAuth library. Leah promotes open source, APIs, and the Django web framework on her blog at leahculver.com.

Leah is well versed in many areas of technology and her blog is chock full of great tips, plus she recently blogged about a new job she has taken on where she is working on iPhone applications.

I am impressed with the knowledge she carries and am excited to see what she does next.

Leah is a tech savvy young gal navigating her way though the big city of San Francisco, holding her own and making her way.

You go girl!