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Proposal for Digital Diversity final project

My idea started with one word: GENDER.

After a bit more thought and searching (and conversing with Julie!)  my final project will look at how online spaces reinforce traditional gender roles found in meatspace.  Specifically I will focus on social networking cites like Facebook,  Myspace,  LiveJournal, and Who Likes You?.

If you know of others please leave me a comment so I can check them out too.

There are several aspects in regards to gender roles and my final project and presentation will have a deeper discussion than given here.

Social Networking cites are not all the same.   Mysapce has customizable options as well as being able to addmusic that plays when your page loads.  Facebook on the other hand uses a template and you can add a photo and customize your tabs and boxes.

Our society is hyper-focused on  looks; this is even more important for young girls, and females alike.

Since I am still in the brainstorming phase I have not narrowed down what the parameters of similarities that I am going to focus on.

I am open to any guidance, suggestions, or helpful advice.