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I had a meeting last week for my work study job with the director of the writing center, and some of the other writing center tutors.  It was just to keep the tutors in the loop and really I work in the Mac Lab not the writing center, but since I can fill in if someone needs coverage I need to be up to date on the latest happenings.

This particular meeting was about Chicago style citations.  It is not something widely used on our campus, but with new professors and more students it is great that the writing center is on top of things like this.

So, we are all there in the meeting getting the latest info about Chicago style, which personally I had never used or thought about, and generally would not have recognized…until now!

I had this light bulb go off when we were learning/talking about end notes and footnotes.

I mean, I really had this epiphany.




We have a winner!

(yeah, it was kinda like that, only quieter)

OHM (short for Oh my HECK)

I totally get this end note/footnote thingie!

They are exactly like a link in your blog post, it tells you a little bit more information about what you are reading without the distraction of having it actually in the text!

So cool!

I love making connections that I can actually use.

Yeah, that was a good day. 😀